As a strategic communications consultancy, Versatile Creative  offers integrated marketing communications counsel to social enterprises including strategy, advising, market research, content development and public relations, focusing on education, personal growth, outdoor lifestyle and apparel sectors.

How can we help?

Consulting – working intimately with client teams on a project or retainer, we typically do a communications audit, audience and user analysis, key stakeholder interviews and other research, before building communications plans, developing tools and crafting content (such as key messaging, style & branding guides, creative briefs, editorial calendars, reports and marketing materials)

Training – using interactive and exploratory exercises, we work with team leaders to co-create workshops and training sessions that develop the group’s strategic thinking and communications acumen, facilitating empowered storytelling from all stakeholders

Speaking – with a combined 18 years of leadership development (sprinkled with bouts of teaching and facilitation training), Julie has experience presenting to groups from 5 to 500, regularily giving talks on topics like strategic communications, relationships, networking and community building

What is an integrity-driven approach?

It is holistic. It is integrated. It is grounded. It is action-oriented.

Integrity_Character_top Integrity_Character_bottom

Based on the Chinese character for Integrity, our four-step approach is simple:

  • Consider the whole – use experiential research to understand the big picture, think strategically, don’t compromise one part for another
  • Speak from the heart – find the words to say your truth, be empathetic and know your audience, stay true, stay real
  • Do the right thing – use the right words at the right time with the right people, be ethical, experiment to know what is right
  • Do it well ­ – seek excellence, use the best resources available, continue testing to know what is sufficient

This is what it means to communicate with integrity.