Versatile Creative offers practices and tools for inspired communicators. Everybody communicates. Inspired communicators act proactively, think creatively and speak clearly. They listen to learn and strategize to attune, connect and adapt.

Although, while juggling exhaustive demands of organizational, program and customer-related communications, planning often falls by the wayside. Communication become reactive – at best responsive – and not strategic, following the market instead of leading it.

That’s where retreats come in: to help consider the whole, speak from the heart, do the right thing and do it well.

Founded in 2008, Versatile Creative offers facilitation and retreat processes for answering critical communications questions through research, planning, and connecting with stakeholders.

Business Evolution

Over the years, Versatile Creative has offered integrated marketing communication (IMC) strategic planning and communications staff development counsel, along with freelance and contract communications services, focusing on education, outdoor lifestyle, apparel and personal growth sectors and working with a range of clients including B. Corps, nonprofits, universities and large corporations.

During the journey, Founder and Lead Facilitator, Julie Williams, discovered that long-term consulting engagements don’t always meet client’s immediate needs and often take budget away from actual communications work.

The hunch she had a a communications manager at a software startup and again as an agency producer was validated as a consultant: we can do better, faster, smarter work in a fraction of the time and budget. How?

Retreats are a collaborative, creative, fun and challenging process utilizing primary research, business analysis, user experience, creative tactics, project management best practices and more.

THE power of retreat

Working together to connect, define, create, design and present strategies, we expedite the lengthily review and buy-in process from months into hours, at a fraction of the cost and effort.

Depending on the retreat objective and team dynamic, numerous tools are pulled from Julie’s toolbox to ensure a rich learning and community building experience. This toolbox has been built over 20 years of cumulative experience as a community leader, professional communicator, writer, teacher, consultant and observer of life.

It was actually on her first retreat that she discerned the path to graduate school for strategic communications and journalism and the intention for this business, started only a year later.

A decade and 50+ personal, community and company retreats later, retreat continues to be the most transformative practice for embracing reality and finding meaning. Now, that’s a powerful place to live and work from.